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NairobiRaha: Fun or pleasure?

NairobiRaha origin

Nairobi Raha is a very popular term in Kenya. It has been used by leading newspapers and media companies, websites, and Nairobians who browse the internet for various reasons. However, some people still don’t know where it came from, and what it means.

Mombasa Raha TV programme

I first heard about Nairobi Raha and Mombasa Raha from a colleague at work. He was a Zimbabwean working in Cape Town. When he asked what Nairobi Raha and Mombasa Raha meant, I rushed to the internet for a quick search. I had heard about a programme with a similar name on K24. Gertrude Mungai was the show host and was using the channel to educate Kenyans on the various sex positions they could try. She called her show “Mombasa Raha.” However, I knew that Nairobi Raha meant something closer.

NairobiRaha sex

This spiralled to other places, including Nairobi, the capital centre. Nairobi Raha is now a term that means almost the same as Mombasa Raha, only that Nairobi does not have beaches. Most Nairobians use this term to refer purely to erotic sex in Nairobi. Escort websites in Nairobi now use this term to refer to cheap sex in Nairobi.

NairobiRaha blog

We at Nairobi Lifestyle have dedicated a whole column to Nairobi Raha sex and dating, where you can find the good and the bad sides of Nairobi dating, as well as tips to build a solid relationship in Nairobi.

Mombasa Raha original meaning

Growing up, many Kenyans used the name Mombasa Raha to insinuate that life at the Coast was so sweet that whoever went in never came out. Many people who visited Mombasa for the first time never returned. Why? The life there got into them – the weather is great and makes the skin glow. There is also the Indian ocean and the white sand beaches where people go to unwind.

There are also coconuts and great food, especially samaki was kupaka (una or tuna in English) which people love. At the coast, life is cheaper than in Nairobi, and so it is very easy to survive on a small budget. What’s more? Ships dock here with goodies from abroad hence creating job opportunities for the locals.

Mombasa Raha hookups

If you have toured Mombasa, you are familiar with beach girls and beach boys who sell sex openly. Young girls had disappeared to Mombasa to look for prostitution money, with many tourists just visiting for a taste of Kenyan Sex.

With time, young entrepreneurs decided to create websites linking up hookers with clients remotely. These websites attracted a wide range of girls and boys who were offering more than sex. Everybody visiting Mombasa for the first time could visit these websites for a tour guide, travel companion, mobile masseuse and more. They gave Mombasa Raha a different face, which now defines the nature of the sex escort sites in Mombasa.