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Nakuru hosts the first dog contest ever

dog competition

Dog breeders in Nakuru got a rare moment to showcase different types of dog breeds in an event organized by a Nakuru-based marketing firm, Conscience marketing.

The competition was held at the Nakuru ASK showground arena.

A total of 45 pet dogs participated in the event which was first of a kind.

Lionel Akaranga, a dog breeder, said that the event was vital in enhancing and promoting good animal care as well as good relationships between people and their pets.

He noted that their main aim was to educate the public on the need to take good care of pets especially dogs, which he said need special attention just like human beings.

Akaranga added that dogs are not just animals that should be closed and fed inside a cage.

He also pointed at the need to have local Kenyan dog breeds take part in future pet competitions.

“Am yet to see a local Kenyan breed in this competition but we hope to see such next time,” said Akaranga.

Linda Nyawira of Conscience marketing group said that the aim of the competition was to educate the society on the real value of animals.

Both Akaranga and Nyawira emphasized the importance of having a Nakuru pet breeders club which they said will be vital in fighting and protecting the rights of pets among other issues.

During the competition, different pet dogs showcased different skills including alertness, aggressiveness, reaction skills as well as ability to take instructions.

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