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Why he avoids calling your name


What’s in a name? Easy – your identity!

It is one of your unique identifiers, but some men will just never call you by your nickname or other ‘sweet titles’.

Nowadays, you can even date someone and break-up without ever getting to know their damn name.

Well, men have this habit of forgetting names – at least when it comes to their sexual partners. He will insist on calling you ‘sweet names’ other than your real names.

But have you asked why he does that?

Imagine yourself in the middle of something then he mistakenly calls out the wrong name! The conclusion is always that he remembered her because she is closer to him than you are.

It is sweet to hear him call you by name, but sometimes he is just avoiding a scene. So, forgive a brother the next time he calls you ‘hun’, ‘babe’, ‘bae’ instead of allowing him to torture you with a ‘slip of the tongue’.

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