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Natural beauty tips for a smooth skin


The texture of your skin is determined by a variety of factors, including your lifestyle.
The food you take is responsible for the synthesis of your skin cells that eventually lead to a smooth skin.
The ingredients in your makeup also contribute to the condition of your skin.
Chemicals in makeup can destroy your skin texture, elasticity and tone, and this is why going natural is always the best bet.

Here are some natural beauty tips for a smooth skin:

1. Take foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, E, K and B-complex vitamins boost the formation and functioning of your cells. Vitamins C is an antioxidant that helps cleanse your system, giving you the coveted glow. Its detoxification properties help remove dead skin cells that accumulate to form acne. Vitamins E and K are beauty vitamins that boost the texture of your skin.
2. Shed the extra kilos. Being overweight is associated with fat deposits under the skins. This is what causes ‘dimples’ around your butt, thighs and arms. Shedding some weight is the only solution to this issue. Foods rich in dietary fiber, low GI carbohydrates and natural fat burners such as cactus fruit can help you lose weight and give you a naturally smooth body.
3. Drink sufficient water. Water is good for a healthy skin. Taking sufficient water and fruits such as water melons will give you a supple skin.
4. Relax. One of the major causes of a dry skin is stress and depression. Bad mood is never good for a beautiful skin. Get rid of premature aging and acne by learning how to relax. Take sufficient rest each day in order for your skin to generate new cells for a smooth skin.

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