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Natural ways to get a dewy look

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Get flawless skin with these natural ingredients

Do you want to get that dewy look or glass skin like the Korean beauties you see on the internet? There are natural routines you need to maintain if you are to keep your skin glowing and ageless. It is almost hard to tell how old a Korean woman is. Every woman wants to stay young, and Kenya Witness is bringing you the secrets to a youthful look. You will be surprised the elixir of youth is right in your kitchen, including the simple products you stopped using when you hit puberty.

Water for a supple skin – Get dewy, well-hydrated skin

Water is a vital ingredient in the overall health of any human being. You need to drink enough water to keep your skin and cells well hydrated. Taking enough water will also make your skin moist and bring out the natural sheen of a healthy skin.

Vaseline for a baby soft skin – Get rid of wrinkles, dark circles under the eye

Most parents use Vaseline petroleum jelly for their children, then go ahead to poison their own skins with chemically reactive creams and bleaches. The truth is, you can achieve that sleeping beauty of a child using Vaseline.
How to use Vaseline for ultimate beauty:

  1. Apply Vaseline at night before you go to sleep. Vaseline is said to help your lashes grow longer, and remove dark pockets under your eyes. Apply on your face as you go to bed for a moist skin
  2. Mix with your foundation to benefit from its smoothening effect
  3. Make your own face cream. There are many ways you can use Vaseline to make your own face treatment for everyday use. You can add it to rice water, rose water and aloe vera gel for a smooth shiny skin.

Baby oil for a baby soft skin – Get a soft, glowing skin

Baby oil is another product you can use to achieve that glowy look you crave. You can mix it with aloe gel and/or rose water for a refreshing feel. You can also make your own face treatment by adding other ingredients such as rice water.

Milk for a tight skin- Get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and open pores

It is no wonder that milk is used in many premium beauty products such as soaps and lotions. This little ingredient has huge potential when it comes to beauty. Apply raw milk on your face to seal open pores and achieve a tighter skin. This will help get rid of wrinkles and give you a refreshing, glowy look. Dip a cloth in milk and dab it on the face then leave to dry.


Apple cider vinegar for clear skin- Get rid of blemishes

You can get a flawless skin using this miracle ingredient. Mix vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:2 and use cotton wool to apply of your face. Let it dry then apply your normal makeup.

Sleep for a relaxed skin- Get rid of the tired look

If you stay up late and overwork yourself, it is likely to show on your face. Your skin has the habit of showing that tired look when you do not get enough rest. Ensure you get a good night sleep and if possible engage in relaxation techniques for a relaxed supple skin.


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