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November 28 highlight: Kikambala bombing


Today marks the 14th anniversary of Kikambala bombing.

On November 28th 2002, Al Qaeda suspects attacked Israeli-owned Paradise Hotel in Mombasa by crashing a Green Pajero into the establishment’s reception, killing 12 Kenyans and 3 Israelis. At the same time, another group launched missiles towards Israeli’s Arkia Airlines but missed it.

November 28 is also the day playwright William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare was 18 and Anne 26 when they got married.

Here are other events that happened today in history:
1821: Panama gains independence from Spain
1871: Ku Klux Klan trials begin in South Carolina.
1912: Albania gains independence from Turkey
1938: Chinese politician Mae Zedong weds Jiang Qing.
1960: Mauritania gains independence from France
1966: Burundi becomes a republic following a coup organized by the Prime Minister and the successful ousting of the 19-year-old king, Ntare V.
1975: East-Timor declares independence from Portugal, but is again invaded by Indonesian forces soon after, even before the independence is recognized internationally.
1994: Norway votes against joining European Union
1998: Actor Chuck Norris weds former model Gena O’Kelley.

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