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Over ambitious people are a bad dating choice


Why you should never date an over ambitious person

Everyone needs to have ambition to survive, but being over ambitious is not always desirable. Sometimes, over ambition manifests itself in the guise of the spiritual virtue of faith. But while faith puts all trust in God, over ambitious people believe more in their abilities and strength to get things done; they are their own gods. This group of people consider themselves assertive, but in reality they are aggressive. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid dating an overambitious people:

  1. They will not value you as a person or partner. Over ambitious people only think about money and material success. You can die of hunger while they are swimming in champagne. To them, you must have some money value to catch and retain their attention. If you are already dating, all their actions send the same message: “You mean nothing to me. I can do without you.”
  2. They will not create time for you. To an over ambitious person, time is money and so spending time with you is the least of their limited options. Every time spent with you is wasted time, as long as it does not bring them money.
  3. They are selfish. So you think dating makes you partners, right? Forget the partnership ‘nonsense’ if you are dating an over ambitious person. These people always come first and all their thoughts and actions revolve around their personal interests. They will step on your toes and not know it because it does not concern them how you feel. In the dating world, they are best known for lack of respect, unfulfilled promises, unmet obligations – because they are always busy with things they deem important and dear to their lives. Even when you have an emergency, accommodating you in their schedule is almost an impossible sacrifice. Your calls, emails text or instant messages will go unanswered because they have better things to do.
  4. They are stingy. Everyone needs to work hard to meet their financial obligations, but a stingy mate is just a bad idea. When you are dating an over ambitious person, you need to keep your friends who have always given you soft loans because your mate will not give you their money. They say love ends when people stop sharing, but the moment you start dating an over ambitious person your appetite for gifts should just die. To qualify for any other favour that demands money, you really have to work hard to justify your need. After all, they worked hard for their money, why should they spend it on you?

In conclusion, overambitious people make the world run as they have a way to aggressively pursue their cause in life. Over ambitious people are very aggressive and self-seeking in nature, making them good sales people and business partners but terrible in dating.

A person can only confess their love with their deeds more than with their words, and so if you find yourself asking whether they love you, just pack and leave; your ideal mate is out there waiting or looking for you!

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