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Experience royalty without paying a premium in Nairobi


Family Getaway at Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is one of the budget weekend getaways near Nairobi.

The resort, which is located about Photo Credit: urbanacle.com70 kilometers from Nairobi City, was discovered by coffee farmers back in 1996.

It is just a few kilometers past the Northern bypass, off Kiambu road.

It sits on a vast 54-acre land in the middle of a coffee farm ideal for family getaways, picnics and camping.

Gate entry fee is KES 300 for adult residents and KES 250 for children.

Visitors are allowed to roast their own meat inside the resort.

Gichi River passes through the farm, forming a magnificent waterfall which ends in a slow well that is ideal for boating activities.

It also branches at the base into an island where you can relax as you enjoy your snacks.

Things you can do at the getaway:

  • Photography on the rocky slopes
  • Old stone age cave whose mouth overlooks the Gichi River waterfall
  • Boat riding
  • Horse and camel riding among others

Below is a gallery of sightseeing activities at the resort:

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