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Patel dam tragedy divides Nakuru politicians

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The Solai tragedy has taken a political turn, with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri taking different stands.

Kihika and Ngunjiri have engaged in bitter exchanges since the tragedy struck after Kihika accused Ngunjiri of siding with Mr. Patel the owner of the killer dam.

The war is being fought both online and on ground

Ngunjiri was angered after Kihika claimed that he had been pocketed by the Patels to block compensation of victims of the Solai dam tragedy.

Kihika had further referred to Ngunjiri an ignorant fool who is also uneducated.

Speaking in Nakuru on Saturday, Ngunjiri accused Senator Kihika of engaging in empty talk rather than helping the Solai dam victims.

“We saw some Senators go to Solai and leave without helping the victims and then start attacking people who assisted the victims,” said Ngunjiri.

Senator Kihika has been calling for the prosecution of the owner of Patel dam but Ngunjiri on the other side has been defending the Patels.

Ngunjiri, just like a majority of Solai residents, says that Patel has been of great help to the community through employment and development projects.

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