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Plastic bag ban Kenya: Available packaging alternatives


Possessing a plastic bag in Kenya is now a crime following the recent plastic bag ban by NEMA. The country on Monday joined Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania and Tunisia in protecting the environment by getting rid of hazardous plastic bags.

This ban has left many people wondering how they will be packing their mahindi choma, chopped sukumawiki, beef and fast food, especially from the roadside stalls.

Here are eco-friendly ways to package your food:

Butcher paper is used to package meat, including smoked fish. It is manufactured from wood through a process called kraft process making it coarse enough to prevent bony meats such as smoked fish from pricking you. It can be waxed or oiled on one side to prevent leaks.

Butcher papers can also be used to package sandwiches. There are different types of butcher papers.

Mesh produce and shopping bags 

It’s likely that you have bought onion in these bags. Well, think about using a similar bag to put your fruits and fresh vegetables. In case you are wondering where to put your potatoes, this could be an ideal bag.

plastic bag ban: alternatives







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Wax paper

If you are buying chips or any other take away meal, you can use this bag.

Foil paper

Several hotels have been using these papers to pack food. I have ever carried soup and fried beef in these papers.

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Freezing containers

Now that those air tight containers will no longer be manufactured, you can consider using the following to store food in the freezer:

  • Stainless steel containers with silicone seal
  • Mason jars
  • Silicone bags
  • Waxed cardboard boxes
  • Glass containers with silicone lids
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Damp towel – this is ideal for storing broccoli, carrots

Fabric bags

You can recycle your old jeans, or make a fabric bag for shopping.

Custom fabric bag by Afrisoko Gift Shop, +254-796-782-386 Plastic bag ban Kenya: Available packaging alternatives 1









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Canvas bags are also a good shopping bag choice and the list is endless.


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