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Police raid former Joho Principal's home


Police raid former Joho Principal’s home

The home of Serani secondary school Principal, Abbas Juma Ulaya was raided early Tuesday morning but nothing was taken.
Ulaya suspects that the people who conducted the raid were police officers who want to instil fear in him.
“I believe this is a scheme to instil fear in me since I revealed the truth about Mombasa Governor Ali Joho’s academic credentials,” he said.
The raid was conducted just a day after Ulaya released a Press Release confirming that Joho is Serani secondary school alumnus.
Over 60 students from Serani secondary school have also rubbished Joho’s KCSE certificate forgery claims and said they sat their KCSE exams together in 1993.
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“I am ready to testify before a court of law that Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was my classmate at Serani secondary school,” said Yusuf Abdi Hamza, a former student at Serani secondary school.

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