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#PoliceReforms: President Uhuru Kenyatta announces new changes

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday announced the police merger in the ongoing police reforms.
Speaking at the Kenya School of Government, the President merged various police units, abolished some positions and unveiled the new police uniform.
The changes included the merger of various police units,

Merged police units

  1. Security of Government Buildings Units (SGB) and Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) units, under the command of the Deputy Inspector-General, APS
  2. Kenya Police Service Anti-Stock Theft Units and the Administration Police Stock Theft Prevention Units, under the command of Deputy Inspector-General, APS.

In addition, the Rural Border Patrol Unit now becomes the Border Police Unit, which will be under the command of the APS Deputy Inspector-General.
The following positions have been abolished:
i) APS Regional Commander
(ii) KPS Regional Commander
(iii) DCI Regional Commander
(iv) County Coordinating Commander
(v) KPS County Commander
(vi) APS County Commander
(vii) DCI County Commander
(viii) APS Sub County Commander
(ix) DCI Sub County Commander
(x) KPS Officer Commanding Police Divisions (OCPD)
(xi) District Administration Police Commander (DAPC)
(xii) APS Ward Commander

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