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Relationship pitfalls to avoid


Many relationships fail not because we are dating the wrong person, but because we set up ourselves for failure.

Here are some relationship pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Cheating. Whatever you do in secret will always be brought to light. It is very hard to hide an affair from your partner. Secret phone calls, deleted SMS or chat conversations, fake names on the phone book, password protected communication gadgets and frequent business meetings that have no defined time frame or extending past the expected time, unanswered calls and SMS are all indicators of a clandestine lifestyle.
  2. Lies. A lie will always find a way of coming out. Half truths and withholding important iformation from your partner are all lies. The moment your partner discovers you have been telling lies, things will never be the same again. It betrays their trust just like cheating.
  3. Revenge. Never do anything with the aim of revenging on your partner. If they have done something you cannot live with, it is better to ask for breakup than seeking revenge.
  4. Silence. Many people think that silent is golden, but in relationships silence can be a sign that you are hiding something. If you need some quiet time, find an excuse to be alone.
  5. Talking too much. People will say that they don’t mind you saying what is in your mind, but people have been dumped for talking too much. Set a word limit for yourself and avoid saying things you might regret later.


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