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Safe and unsafe zones between Mombasa and Malaba


List of safe and unsafe zones on Kenyan roads

Are you traveling from Mombasa to Malaba/Busia or vice versa by road? Whether you are traveling for business, work, or leisure, this is a long-distance to cover and you may find yourself too exhausted to finish the journey unless you take a break. You will occasionally need to add fuel, take a meal, visit the restroom, or even sleep for the night before continuing with your journey. This report will give you the security situation on this highway so you can know which zones are safe and unsafe for your stops.

Blackspots between Mombasa and Malaba/Busia

Bellevue stage on Mombasa Road

If you are accessing Nairobi CBD via Mombasa Road through Uhuru Highway, you are strongly advised to be careful and extra vigilant while approaching the Bellevue stage. This area has forever remained a black spot where many have lost lives due to unknown reasons. The most probable guess is overspeeding or driving under the influence of alcohol since most of the accidents at this spot always occur at night.

Giving a lift to strangers on Southern Bypass at night

If you are using the Northern corridor roads, you are strongly advised to be careful while driving along the Southern Bypass. Security along the southern Bypass is really wanting especially at night from around 7 pm. When darkness sets in, you will always see a group of young adults trying to stop you in the name of asking for a ride. If you are good-hearted, you will always stop and give them a ride especially if it’s raining.

What you may not know is that most of these stranded strangers always gang up to attack you and you may even end up losing your car or life. You are thus advised to avoid unnecessary stoppages along Southern Bypass unless you are stopped by uniformed traffic police officers. However, do not expect Kenyan traffic police officers to be on the road past 8 pm.

Unsafe areas for stoppages

If you are travelling or driving from Mombasa to Busia or Malaba using the northern corridor road, you are advised to avoid stopping at Kibarani area, the road connecting Changamwe roundabout and Mombasa Town, Bonje, Mazeras, Maji ya Chumvi, Samburu Taru, Meli Kubwa, Ghazi, Tsavo, Salama, Mai Mahiu, Longonot, Mbaruk in Nakuru, Sachangwan / Mukinyai market, Total Mau Summit, Kamara, Cheptiret, Munialo, Mukhonje, Lwandeti, Chimoi, Kaburengu and Webuye. A lot of accidents and incidents have been reported around these areas and road users are advised to avoid unnecessary stoppages.

In case of a mechanical breakdown at these red zone areas, always to look for a first leg security who can provide security as you are fixing the issue.

Slightly safe zones with 70 – 80 per cent trust levels

We also conducted a further survey to find out Slightly Safe zones where you can stop for some minutes, maybe to rest or check your car. We recommend Mariakani, Mackinnon Road, Bachuma, Maungu, Voi, Manyani, Kambu, Machinery, Maikuu, Kibwezi, Mbui Nzau, Kiboko, Masimba, Malili, Konza, Athi River, Gitaru, Naivasha, Gilgil, Kikopey, Nakuru, Equator, Timboroa, Burnt Forest, Jua Kali, Maili Tisa, Leseru/ Jua Kali, Turbo, Kipkarren, Musembe, Magut, Matisi, Kakotelo, Kanduyi, Bungoma, and Kimaeti. We give these areas up to 70%-80% trust.

Green areas with 80-95 per cent trust levels

A further survey was further conducted for green areas, areas which can be trust between 80%-95% and we noted that Mtito Andei, Makindu, Emali, Sultan Hamud, Kyumvi, Mlolongo, some parts of Nairobi, Nakuru, Salgaa for trucks, Eldoret, Amagoro and Malaba are the safest places to park and even have your Nyama Choma and some drinks.

It is important to note that the above information may not be 100 per cent accurate as it is based on the experiences of frequent travellers. You are thus advised to be extra vigilant since we cannot guarantee you total security but we can at least provide you with some guidelines for your personal security.


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