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SGR ticket cancellation and refund process


How to change your SGR ticket details, cancel your ticket and get a refund 

This article will help you answer the following questions:

  1. I chose the wrong departure station or date when booking my SGR ticket. How do I change my ticket?
  2. I booked intercounty train instead of Madaraka Express. Can I change my SGR booking?
  3. I will not be able to travel on the day I booked. Can I cancel my SGR ticket online?
  4. Can I get a refund on my SGR ticket if I do not travel?

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SGR ticket cancellation process 

To change the details of your current train booking, you need to cancel your current booking and rebook using the new details. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the nearest SGR terminal or call the SGR booking office on +254-709-388-888.
  2. Print your ticket if you had booked online.
  3. Check train availability.
  4. Book a new SGR ticket.
  5. Apply for cancellation of the current SGR ticket.
  6. Get a 70% refund on the old SGR ticket. Kindly note that you need to apply for the refund not later than 48 hours and 72 hours before travel for individuals and groups respectively.
  7. Pay for your new ticket.

An alternative way to change your SGR ticket details

If you have cash, this process is faster. Just present the ticketing agents with your old ticket and the new travel details. Once the new ticket details have been confirmed, you will be asked to pay the 30 % cancellation fee and then receive your new ticket.

SGR ticket cancellation charges

A surcharge fee of 30% is applied to your ticket, amounting to KES 300 and 900 for the economy and first-class tickets, respectively.

Using the refund you receive, you can book a new ticket. If you do not wish to purchase a new ticket, you are free to leave after getting your 70 percent refund.

Have any questions about the SGR? Let us know in the comments box below, and we shall try to give as much information as we can.

Kindly note that Kenya Railways has amended the SGR cancellation policy during COVID.

Find an update on how to change your SGR ticket during COVID here: SGR ticket cancellation during COVID


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  1. Hello i had book my train from Nairobi to mombasa on 27th….but i just got a transfer on 26th so how do I get my refund….yet the day of travel is today

    • Hello Joy. I am sorry but SGR officers issue refunds 48 hours before the day of travel. In such a case, you may not get any refund.

  2. Why does someone have to visit the terminal in person? Cant the process be ICT friendly – same way you pay should be used to secure a refund.

  3. I want to reschedule my booking from 20th December Nairobi to Mombasa 10:00pm to 21st the same time,,,, can i do it online coz am not near any station at the moment

  4. hello, I booked a train for 23rd but haven`t received am sms for the ticket details. Kindly inform me on what what me the problem

    • Hello, the SMS is usually with the M-Pesa message. Hope you were able to retrieve and print your ticket. As long as you receive your M-Pesa transaction code, you can go to the terminal to print at the counter or at the printing machine using the MPesa number you paid with.

    • Hello. Sorry for late feedback. You can cancel your ticket up to 48 hours before the travel then book again for the correct route. SGR withholds cancelation fee of 30% of the ticket amount and you need to do this at the terminals. Hope you were able to get help.

    • Hi Jenta. Sorry for the delayed response. It is possible to reschedule your ticket but you need to visit the nearest terminal. Hope you got help.

    • Hi Purity. Sorry for the delayed response. Usually, you need at least 24 hours to change your ticket. Hope you were able to get help.

    • Hi Mohamud. Sorry for the delayed response. You always need to print your ticket before traveling. As long as you get your MPesa message, you can show it to the agents at the terminal. However, you need to confirm the transaction went through and that your ticket was generated. Hope you got help.

    • Hi John. Sorry for the delayed response. Currently, you need to go to the nearest terminal with your ID or send someone there. Hope you got help.

    • Hi Hannah. Sorry for the delayed response. You can always cancel and re-book at the nearest terminal. Hope you were able to get assistance.

    • Hi Michael. Sorry for the delayed response. After receiving your ticket number on mobile, you can always print your ticket at the terminal before travel. Hope you got help.

  5. hallo, I do appreciate your efficient booking system however there is work to do when it comes to cancellation, i did book yesterday for trave date of tomorrow and immediatelly realised i missed the correct date of travelling, when i tried changing upto now am unable, only this morning to read in your website that you are not doing refund 2 days to travel date, now my question is yesterday when my reschedulling could have been done you were not accesssible and it was late i could not make it to your offices physically, so why punish me?

    • Hi Bonventure. I am sorry. This is not the official krc website, I am only providing information to help fellow travelers. The process has been hectic recently, it is almost impossible to change a ticket. We hope they can change this soon because it is hurting many people

  6. hello, I had booked to travel tomorrow however because of unavoidable reasons wanted to reschedule to a later date. Your online cancellation is not working and neither are the phone nos provided, Have been trying since yesterday, how can you help

    • Sorry I was not able to help, I am limited because I do not work at SGR and the ticket rescheduling/cancellation policies keep changing. Currently, it is almost impossible to help someone change their booking.

  7. I booked my ticket yesterday as I was to travel on 19th but due to some reasons I will not be able to travel can I reschedule my ticket to 23rd friday? I’ve tried calling SGR office but the number is not going through.

    • Hi there, Im meant to travel on Friday 16th to mombasa and 20th coming back. Unfortunately I had to undergo urgent surgery and I will not be able to travel. How can I get a refund as your number is always busy.

      • Hi Amos. I am sorry about your surgery and wish you a quick recovery. The SGR office has removed ticket cancellations and is only allowing rescheduling to a future date. However, this can only be done up to 48 hours before departure. Right now it may be late to reschedule

  8. Why is it that i can book a ticket online but cannot cancel it online.this is so not okay before i’ll even spend more coming to the station to cancel the ticket or even change the date!

  9. Kindly I booked ticket to Mombasa for tomorrow at 2:15 pm but will not be able to travel, I wish to cancel my ticket and get a refund.

  10. Must I present myself to an sgr station so as to get my refund? I booked from msa to nbi but I want to change to a latter date

  11. I wanted to book a train from Mombasa to Nairobi but by mistake the booking changed to from Nairobi to Mombasa as i tried to modify search. I want to cancel this ticket but I cannot travel all the way to Nairobi to cancel the ticket.How do i go about it. Or can i change the date and our of travel to use it when coming back to Mombasa?

    • Hi Naomi and happy new year! Sorry for the late response. Did you get help? you can always ask someone to change the ticket for you. In case you need help, WhatsApp me on 0733149419. Disclaimer: I don’t work for the SGR but can help. Cheers

      • Hi. great post. Do you have any idea if SGR will be giving full refunds for easter period bookings given the pandemic guidelines oulayed by the government and the WHO?

      • Hi Dennis. I do not have the information, but if you get it you can update me so I can also update the post. Than you!

  12. I was booking train from mombasa to nairobi but somehow the system changed my booking from nairobi to mombasa. Can you please change my ticket…4th Dec 2019

    • Hi Josephine. You need to cancel the current booking and rebook subject to availability on the preferred train. You can start by booking the right train to reserve your space, then move on to cancel the current one. The cancellation fee will remain at 20 percent. Visit the nearest booking station or call 0709 388 888 for assistance. Here are ways to book: https://www.nairobilifestyle.com/book-sgr-ticket-online-guide/
      Thank you and all the best!

    • Hello please can u change for me my ticket I just mistaked I wanted to book from mombasa to nairobi and because of typing error I selected nairobi to mombasa please change for me because it is four tickets

    • Hi Peter, please call the SGR office to modify your booking. You will need your ticket number and ID/PP number plus 20 percent charge.

  13. I have made a booking for two but we have been put in different coaches. It’s fully booked. How do I go about it? If I cancel will I be charged for their mistake?

    • Hi Isabelle. This happens if you book online. When travelling as a group/family, it is advisable to visit the nearest station and tell them to sit you together. However, if you book online or via MPesa, you will be assigned random seats. If the train/coach is full, do not worry. Travellers are always willing to exchange seats. After boarding, just ask your or the other person’s neighbour to exchange seats. Chances are high that they will allow you to sit together, instead of cancelling. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Dorothy. Visit the nearest station to cancel your current booking then book afresh with the new details. It will cost you 20 percent of the ticket price. Alternatively, call the sgr bookings line on 0709 388 888 for assistance.

  14. Booked a ticket for a person however she will not be travelling and i need to give the ticket to another person. Can i do that online and if not can i swap on the morning of travelling?

    • Hi Catherine. You cannot transfer the ticket. You need to call the booking office early to cancel the ticket, get 80 percent refund then top up to buy a new ticket for the other person


    • Hi Mohamed. Yes, it is possible. Just visit the nearest terminal with your current tickets and make the change. It will cost you 20 percent of the ticket price, so you need money to top-up. All the best!

    • Hi Mercy, sure, you can send someone else. just ensure they have your ID copy or picture. They need your full names as they appear on ID and ID number to complete the process.

  16. I have booked the wrong terminus instead of booking Mombasa to Nairobi I wrongly booked Nairobi to Mombasa. How do I rectify

    • I am not sure you can apply for a refund online, but you can call SGR directly on these numbers: 0728603581, 0728603582, 0708572574, 0708571587

  17. Can changes be done at the mombasa offices? I am already on my way to mombasa terminus and just realized the ticket I had booked for returning to nairobi reads departure from nairobi instead. Kindly help.

    • I booked my ticket yesterday as I was to travel tomorrow but due to some reasons I will not be able to travel can I cancel my ticket and put it open

  18. I need to change my travel date from Sunday 13th January 2019 to Wednesday 16th January, 2019. Is it possible for me to do it online. my ticket number is 2073068 for the 8.00am train.

    • I have booked 5 tickets 1st class on 27 th June instead of 27 th July coach 3 seat no 23 to 27 how do I change and don’t have their passport they just sent the numbers

      • Hi Karen. hope you were able to get assistance. you don’t need passports to change sgr tickets. If you have the pp numbers you can just cancel and rebook.

  19. Hi,my sister booked two tickets but then used only one id,..could that be a problem during checkin?I have tried to cancel but trains are fully booked.

    • Hi Joan, only one person can check-in using one id. You can book for minors using your ids but they’ll need their identification documents during check-in. Hope you got help with this.

  20. I have booked the wrong terminus instead of booking Mombasa to Nairobi I wrongly booked Nairobi to Mombasa. How do I rectify

      • Kindly help I booked two tickets using one ID since my brother has not attained the age of gettyjng an ID can it cause problems during checking

      • Hi. No problem, but your brother will need to carry some form of identification to show that he is the one and that he is a minor. Let him go with his birth certificate

      • Hi Bagaja and happy new year! sorry I was away. In case you need help in the future don’t hesitate to WhatsApp me on 0733149419. disclaimer: I don’t work for the SGR but can help. Cheers

      • I booked my ticket yesterday as I was to travel tomorrow but due to some reasons I will not be able to travel can I cancel my ticket and put it open

      • Hi, you could cancel up to 48 hours before travel at a cost of 30 percent, but have to rebook early to secure your seat on the new day of travel. sorry for the late reply, hope you got help

      • Hello,
        I booked a train for a group of 10ppl but i interchanged the terminus, instestead of mombasa to nairobi i booked nairobi to mombasa… Can this change be made? Will i incur any costs.
        I also missed Id numbers of 2people will this affect their check in?


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