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Signs of infidelity – how to spot a cheating spouse


Signs of infidelity are not hard to spot, especially in this era of social media and online flirting when everybody is leaving their footprints everywhere. It is just hard for an errant spouse to clear all their mess. These signs work for both men and women:

  1. She deletes her call log. A cheating wife will always delete her incoming and outgoing calls in order to avoid suspicion.
  2. She does not keep her messages. If her inbox, outbox or whatsapp chats are empty, she could be hiding something from you.
  3. She avoids eye contact with you. Guilt haunts its victim, and eyes cannot hide the feeling of shame or guilty.
  4. She always has an excuse for staying out late especially on Fridays and weekends. A faithful spouse will always create time to be with you on weekends.
  5. She is no longer interested in the things she used to treasure.
  6. She avoids going out with you because she does not want to be seen with you. Someone else is definitely taking her out or watching her.
  7. She spends most of her time chatting or messaging- definitely not with you.
  8. She does not want you to listen to her phone conversations.
  9. She has a new phone for specific callers, and you do not even have the new phone number.
  10. She changes her wardrobe and buys fancy dresses which she wears most of the days she stays out late or goes out alone on weekends.
  11. She accuses you of infidelity in order to conceal her own guilt.
  12. She removes her wedding ring whenever she is going out.
  13. She acquires new friends who cannot disclose her secrets to you.
  14. She no longer wants you to be involved in her affairs.
  15. She becomes more independent.
  16. She no longer wants to be intimate with you. If she is no longer interested in those fun moments you used to have in bed, someone else is eating your cookies.
  17. She acquires a new hobby of making herself appear younger. If she suddenly becomes obsessed with her looks, age and appearance, she might be seeing another dude.
  18. Her work schedule and patterns change. She suddenly starts going for business trips or team building, her work becomes more demanding she has to stay out late or report over the weekends and so on. Men are known to be experts in this field, and this is definitely among the most obvious of all signs of infidelity across the board. Women have mastered this trick so well that they do it better than men. If your wife is cheating with her boss, she will be going out for business trips and team building. If she is cheating with another person, her weekend schedules change and she also starts working late in the evening.
  19. She starts using the taxi. If she starts getting or giving hikes to work, you need to be careful. If he is working late, she is likely to pick a taxi if she does not have a car. If only a specific driver is dropping or picking her every day, this should be enough cause for alarm.
  20. She becomes more demanding. If your wife is cheating, she will find every reason to justify her behavior. She suddenly becomes material, and asks for very expensive things that she never used to ask for.
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