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Police arrest six terror suspects in Malindi


Six terror suspects arrested in Malindi

The six are from the same family

The Anti-terror police unit (ATPU) at the Coast nabbed six terror suspects from the same family in Malindi on Friday night.
The ATPU officers who sought anonymity said the six suspects have been on the police radar for planning and executing various terror activities in the country.
According to witnesses, over 30 anti-terror police officers in full police combat smashed windows and broke the main door of the residential house at old court area in Malindi.
“They ransacked the whole house, ordering us to remain seated and completely quiet and because they were armed we did exactly that,” said a woman from the family.
The operation which lasted for less than 30 minutes left the whole house disorganised, with the officers arresting the six without any explanation.
Malindi OCPD Matawa Muchangi confirmed the raid but declined to talk to the press saying that more details will be revealed after the suspects have been profiled.
“I don’t know where the suspects are. More information will be revealed to you by the anti- terror unit after the grilling,” said Mr. Muchangi.
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