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Smartphone habits that destroy relationships


The smartphone is the most popular and closest friend we have in the world today. If you want to catch up with buddies, get the smartphone. If you want to chat with your digital community, get the smartphone. If you want to snap selfies, get the smartphone. If yu want to reach your bank, get your smartphone. If you want to do business, get the smartphone.

It knows secrets that even your partner doesn’t know – like your bank balance, latest crush and current hangout in addition to all conversations you’ve had. Your smartphone even knows where your office is, and how long it will take you to get there. While this gadget has helped ease communication, it has broken more relationships than anything else.

For instance, what do you think when your partner calls to say goodnight at 9pm, then at midnight you see them on a call that lasts an hour? Though unhealthy, this snooping is ruining your relationship. Here’s how:

Deleted chats pose the greatest danger, especially if they are coming from friends of the opposite gender. They are a clear indicator of skeletons in the cupboard, and raise suspicion that fuels distrust.

Selfies with friends of the opposite gender. While a relationship should not spell doom to your friendship with people of the other gender, too much contact with them will make your partner insecure.

Constant touch with exes. The last thing you want to put your partner through is to put them in competition with your exes. Are you always calling, sending text messages, meeting or even sending money to your exes in secret? These habits, which are hidden in your smartphone, only show that you have never moved on.

A friend once told me that the reason people don’t cut ties with old flames is to be in position to rekindle the fire when needed. Don’t make your partner jealous or send the wrong signals regarding the people you dated in the past. Keep off and work on building your current relationship.

Anything you do with friends of opposite gender without telling your partner is bound to raise questions. It becomes worse when you attempt to delete communication with them.

Have you seen how nowadays people are forgeting how to talk to each other? You sit with a group of people but have no one to talk to because everyone is busy on their phones? While it is good to be technologically savvy, clinging onto your smartphone can kill your relationship.

When you go on a date or talking to your partner, get out of chat and if possible keep your phone silent. If you meet strangers out there at an event, also try to avoid snapping every face you come across especially if they are people of the opposite gender.

It takes great courage to keep secret admirers and flirts at bay, but if you care about your relationship, you will make an effort to keep your partner secure.

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