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Take graft war to the counties, LSK tells Uhuru


The Law society of Kenya (LSK) is calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to direct his war against corruption to County governments.

LSK council member, Bernard Ngetich said the massive graft in the devolved units should be addressed immediately.

According to Ngetich, it will not help much if the head of State fights corruption at the national level without dealing with the same at the county level.

The Nakuru-based advocate of the high court noted that the 47 devolved units of governance cannot account for over KES 200 billion given to them annually.

“As LSK, we fully support the President in his quest to tame graft in the country but we are calling on him to allow this war to trickle down to county governments where the vice is massive and alarming,” said Ngetich.

At the same time, he challenged President Kenyatta to dismiss top government officials who were in charge of ministries where money has been reported missing.

“We want to see top government officers being sacked because that is the only way Kenyans will take this war on graft seriously,” he said.

“If we keep on playing these games taking junior people to court then we will never end corruption in this country,” he added.

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