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Team Mafisi warning signs


Team mafisi have been around for quite sometime. Initially, this club comprised only a few select sex-starved young men but over the years, it has grown into a national sacco that regards no age or status. I have seen old men ogling at a woman’s behind and wondered how he lives with his own daughters. What about the so-called sponsors? I think it is just an extension of team mafisi – and we have fully embraced them. Now every man belongs to the fisi sacco and is proud to declare it in public!

It is no lie that men nowadays are looking for rich divas who can support them financially and so money has become the fastest trap for a fisi (or fisilet). A man who will act uninterested only to start chasing you after hearing the word ‘money’ is likely to be a fisi. Isn’t scavenging the team mafisi’s main obsession?

Some others will however keep off loaded lasses for fear of consequences should they mess up. So they will target unsuspecting innocent village girls who do not know how to ask for money. Because there is blood in their veins, some will be touched to buy the girl a snack and then the deal is done.

Members of the team mafisi sacco do not commit to any lady. No wonder you hear everywhere you go men saying that they are not in a hurry to marry. They already have a long list of target victims whom they must pass through before choosing to settle down. What they forget is that what they do unto other people’s daughters will be done unto their own daughters.

Fisi’s death tunnel is his mobile phone. When a member of the team mafisi sacco is around you, you will notice that calls go unanswered and those that are answered are so private that he has to walk outside. Heaven forbid that a fisi should sleep at your place. His mobile will never see the light of your home because ‘it got lost’. That day, he will not show up on Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. His phone will also go silent because of the constant buzzing of irritated others who fell into his trap – or even his wife! Call him while he’s out late and your calls are likely to go unanswered. Excuses will always follow.

Fisi is always single. when you meet, he will not have a ring on his finger. He will not display his marital status on Facebook or other social media platforms, and in all his photos, he will be careful not to show a constant face of a female or children – unless it is his sister, mother or nephews. When he approaches you, he regrets not meeting you earlier.

Finally, team mafisi rarely lie about their status and motive. They just exploit Nairobi women who are too busy to ask questions. Start by asking him what he wants, why you and why that time. If he is a fisi, he will just back down and disappear the same way he came.

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