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The husband’s wish list


14 things husbands want from their wives

These are the things husbands wish their wives knew, according to a focus group discussion I had recently:

  1. I also need me-time to process things
  2. Understand that I came first and give me first priority even after children come
  3. Do not let the househelp serve me
  4. Submit; we are not two men in the house
  5. Intimacy is like medicine for me
  6. Do not put your family above me, and balance between my family and yours
  7. I want a partner in prayer, not a congregant; sometimes lead us in Bible study and prayer
  8. The extravagance of courtship is no longer sustainable; understand that I am now supporting more people
  9. You do not need to always have the final say. When discussing issues, mind your tone.
  10. Dress up as you used to, but be decent
  11. Raising children is not a competition; we show care by providing
  12. Dress seductively in the bedroom
  13. Dress us the children; I want to feel proud around them too.
  14. I love my wife very much, even if I don’t say it often

Are you a married man? What are the things you wish your wife did that she is not currently doing?

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