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The life of a Nairobi call girl


Where did all the Koinange street hookers go?

A few years ago when I got born again, I would attend these prayer workshops where we’d do prayer drives to the city’s notorious prostitution zones especially Koinange street. The prayer leaders were happy that the numbers had drastically reduced, and attributed that to previous prayer drives. Honestly, I had never met a prostitute and didn’t know they were so many in the streets that churches had to resort to prayer to rid the pavements of these night nurses. Well, the following year I came across adult entertainment websites that were responsible for removing the hookers from the streets and clubs.

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Why did she become a sex worker?

Call girl, mobile massage girl, escort, online hooker, freelance prostitute – these are some of the names she goes by. Her work does not change, only her title changes depending on who is calling. She may be a city lawyer, DJ, teacher, nurse, house help or just a sex worker. Some do it full time to earn a living, others on weekends to meet new people and hopefully a foreign husband, others when their salary runs out so as to remain liquid, others to supplement their income and be able to afford a high-end lifestyle, and others for fun. There is still this category of girls who reason that if their boyfriend gets sex for free, they can give it to others for money!

Whether she is in Nairobi, Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Lagos, Accra, Kigali, Senegal or any other different city, her motivation, goals, lifestyle and work-life is just the same. Her favourite hobby is shopping for sexy lingerie and fashionable clothes that can attract business travelers, tourists, company CEOs and celebrities. Some of the most high end and educated girls acquire a passport in preparation for travel around the globe to meet hobbyists, admirers, international brothel managers or potential mates.

The escort girl’s tools of trade

The most common professions for these girls are massage, spa operator, beautician, salonist, dancer, bartender, waitress, and student. Like any other online business, they must invest in great photos, beauty, and a venue. The full-time call girl wakes up, cleans up, ensures that she has her pack of free Sure condoms, lubricant, massage oil, PEP, makeup, furnished house, a smartphone, and an online profile. She could be working with a group of other escorts at a central location where they report every morning and leave in the evening or over the weekend. If you ask her what she does, she is either a student who never brings homework home, a house-help who never has disputes with her boss or a waitress at an unnamed hotel somewhere.

The call girl’s work schedule and clients

Morning clients

Her phone will be ringing from the moment she puts it on, with other clients calling incessantly on Whatsapp. At 8 in the morning, a man will tell his wife not to bother with breakfast because he must rush to work early – he either has an early morning meeting or wants to avoid the morning traffic. He will drive straight to the call girl’s place for a dose of bam-bam in the ham, take a shower and then leave for work. Hours later the wife will be shocked to find that the guy has not yet arrived at work, or took a detour.

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Daytime clients

During the day, several men will flirt and some even send money for lunch, others will ask for a 10-minute video session for money and others will chat to waste her time. Every now and then, a man will book her an Uber to a hotel, office, sports club, or bar. Others will ask her to “Come to my place I will refund the fare.” Another man will be on a temporary assignment in town and will organize for a shot for 1k. Another mzee will be bored at home and stunned by the beautiful photo he saw online, visit for a massage and bj. Another Mhindi will bring a group of friends for a steamy session or threesome for 1k.

Evening clients

In the evening, a guy will tell his wife ‘Let me take a walk, catch some fresh air or rush to the shopping mall to see what’s new’ only to enter the house of the call girl next door. If she does not live next door, she is an estate away and a boda boda is quick enough to treat this husband of an unsuspecting wife. He will come back home to cuddle his wife and continue building his happy marriage.

The upcoming and cheap call girl will often take Sundays off to go to church. Perhaps lead the worship team. Mind you, she has served more pastors in the city than you could imagine. Flirted with them, and seen photos of his wife and children. After all, it’s just work. The classy one will spend her weekends meeting clients at expensive hotels or outside the country. She is in love with her life.

How call girls select their clients

The part-timer is on another level. Since she works and is maybe only interested in a rich foreign boyfriend, she is quite selective. She does not offer shots because this will attract the cheap 1k clients who make full use of their 1k for as much as 3 hours. These ones must take a few puffs of marijuana, an energy drink or stamina boosters so as not to waste their 1k.

The part-timer has a profile on every escort website and dating app. She is classy and posts half-nude photos on her profile. Your boyfriend or husband follows her closely and hearts her nude pictures. He could have organised for more nudes discreetly via DM and paid for them. On weekends she is never available, and will be posting pictures in expensive and exotic destinations. Clubbing is her hobby because that is where she meets bored husbands who want to explore new styles. She may earn 20k, but has fancy clothes, uncountable pairs of shoes and a high lifestyle. She cannot stay unemployed because her clients are company owners, CEOs or highly connected to leave her without a job.

When your girlfriend is a call girl

If she is your girlfriend, she has this circle of girlfriends who can catch a bullet for her. They go out and do all sorts of crazy things together. She can even stay in her girlfriend’s place for a whole week without any question. Her phone is always silent, and she is usually very busy on her phone. She may have this auntie she reveres – her aunty who connects her to clients. Whether you give her money or not, she always has plenty.

She always has money to treat her friends, surprise you on your birthday and you will never hear her talk about being broke. Her hair must be done every weekend, and her makeup always on point. She must look classy. Some of your friends have met her at work but she doesn’t care. She is very loyal and will never question your staying out late, not being where you said you would be, and other relationship-destroying habits.

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Exceptional skills of a call girl

Either way, the typical call girl can tell if a man is monied or broke, if he is a player or serious. When you hear her tell you ‘Wachana na huyo ni smooth talker’ just leave that man alone. Being friends with escorts can be enlightening. You get to know which man is a cheater and who is not; who is loyal and who is a betrayer. Maybe you should also try befriending call girls and see how much social intelligence you can get from them.


Bottom line is, a call girl makes the best wife because based on her secret life, she doesn’t need to know any of your secrets or lies. She also makes a great friend because her life depends on trust. Have you worked as a call girl or hired one? What was your experience? Share in the comments session below.

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