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Things school will never teach you


We all go through school in order to be literate, but many books do not translate to education. I know when it comes to books, we are so poor that it has been said: ‘If you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book.’ However, a generation of readers is coming up and book clubs are now gaining ground in the city as well as in the countryside. There are many things we learn in these book clubs that will never be taught in school. After all, my lecturer says that his notes are like a woman in a swimming costume – only covering the essentials. Your teacher too promised to give a quarter then leave the remaining three quarters to you.

Anyway, besides the classroom and books, there is a reason why employers always insist on ‘experience’ when looking for new talent. Yes, you might have innate abilities but where have you used them? Or where have you done on-the-job training? Experience is still the best teacher.

Here are a few things that school will never teach you:

  1. Never to depend on your salary. End month is just around the corner and I can tell you a lot of people are bracing for disappointment. There are very hardworking employees who will not receive their pay in time despite working extra time to make the boss happy and keep him in business. Instead of frowning, look at the positive side. Your boss is simply saying, ‘You are my slave. If you need financial freedom, be me.’ The landlord already knows your rent will be late by two weeks, the pastor is asking God to touch his disciples so they can bring tithe, your friends know you are almost calling for a soft loan – in fact they know they only time you call them is around this time, you need to learn to stop depending on your salary. Salary makes ends meet, but it will never fulfill all your financial obligations. So when your boss delays your salary, just thank him and get thinking. The same applies to those who run out of money at mid month. If you have been surviving on salary advances since you were hired, it’s time to change tact.
  2. Love is never silent. Love is a very confusing phenomenon, and majority of people never understand how it works. We all know what it means to be loved by our parents, God, but when it comes to romantic relationships we are quiet. You cannot hide love for it is in the very words you speak, in the very steps of your feet, in every gesture – for all to see. If you have to ask, it is not there. Most of the times, we’re the ones who push ourselves into that corner that asks: “What are we?” or “Who am I to you?” Just read the signs and decide whether to continue or leave. Kindly note that this does not apply in marriage.
  3. Not every opportunity is a worthy investment. Even in business, every idea is vetted and real investment only happens after its feasibility is verified. Is it a new friendship? Dating? Job vacancy? Not every opportunity is worth your time and/or money. Vet every opportunity that comes your way.
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