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This is the most important thing in life …


We live in extremely selfish times where people only care about their desires, their needs, their lives. It is not hard to step on toes of others for you to rise. We are spending all our days pulling down others so we can rise. The main motivation is money.

Have you ever imagined yourself living in an Island, with a private jet, a yacht maybe, everything you ever worked hard for … but alone? You cannot enjoy the things you work hard for alone. After all achievements, you need people to celebrate with.

That is why I believe the most important thing in life is people.

Today, think about your life in 50 years to come. You will perhaps be in your own home, with your own nuclear family. Enjoying good life maybe. What can you do today to make your sunset years worthwhile?

Youth does fade, and the energy you have now will soon be gone. One day you will stop working and sit home to deal with the consequences of the decisions you made in your youth. The choices you make today will impact the quality of life you live later. The sacrifices you make today will affect your life in future. It is important to know that the wealth you build today will contribute to the quality of life you live later, but money alone cannot make you happy. There is need for a balance in life.

One thing remains; people! They were there when you were born, have been there, and will remain when you are gone. In the end, it is the people around you who will lay you to rest. When you get to your deathbed, what will you say about the quality of life you lived? Will you regret the things you did or didn’t do, or will you close your eyes and rest in peace knowing you have lived fully?

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