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Valentine’s Day heartbreak: How to stay safe


How to avoid Valentine’s Day heartbreak

Valentine’s Day is here and we cannot help but remember the “couples” who are celebrating it alone. While love is an everyday affair, many people expect their lovers to show their commitment on Valentine’s Day. It is understandable to feel heartbroken when your partner does not show up or gift you with a special gift to celebrate your love. Here are tips to avoid Valentine’s Day heartbreak:

Tips for married couples

1. Be there for your partner even if you won’t give them anything special

It is a common belief that people celebrate Valentine’s with only the people that matter to them. If you are not there for your partner, it means one thing – they don’t matter that much.

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2. Do something special together

The fact that you don’t believe in Valentine’s doesn’t stop it from being the global lovers day. Do something special together to celebrate the day. You can watch a movie together, go for dinner, play a game, visit another couple for a date among others.

divorce3. Do not take your partner for granted

Before you assume that your partner will forgive you for taking your partner for granted, think about how you want to continue together after Valentine’s.

4. Do not cheat

Modern marriages are full of cheating, but for the sake of St Valentine’s, the lovers’ saint, keep your act together just today.

5. Do not bring your spouse recycled wilted flowers

Cheating spouses get to play their dirtiest cards on Valentine’s – getting flowers from their side dish at the office in the morning, then keeping those flowers till evening. For fear of dumping them to look like a jerk, they carry the flowers home as a gift for their spouse! That should stop in 2020!

6. Attend the men’s/ women’s conference

Finally, not every husband or wife will actually go back home tonight or be loving enough to follow these tips. If you find yourself alone, keep yourself busy. The men’s or women’s conference is a good place to kill time with other neglected spouses.

Tips for singles

1. Be honest with yourself

You have been sleeping together because you thought you were dating but did you actually sit down and talk about your relationship? Did he ask you to be his girlfriend and did you say yes? If you are in a situationship and don’t know how you got there, do not fret if he/she does not show up today. Pick up yourself and move on.

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2. Lower your expectations

Nowadays, most single people are not in monogamous relationships. If you have been dating an octopus, just allow them to be where the tentacles lead and keep yourself busy. Learn not to wait for people to start taking you seriously.

 Love in the air3. Go out with someone new

Did not know that you were dating King Solomon?

If you are not yet married, take a dose of instant love by hooking up with someone new tonight.

Wear your pride and go for a speed date even – and don’t ever look back!

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4. Do something that makes you happy

If nothing works, do anything that makes you happy.

Are you dealing with any Valentine’s Day heartbreak? Share your story on how you are handling it.


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