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What happens if I lose my SGR ticket?


It is always advisable to book your SGR ticket early in order not to miss a seat. However, like the majority of people, booking early has its risks. For instance, you can misplace your ticket or even lose it on your way. What do you do in case you lose your SGR ticket?

If you have not yet started your trip, go to the counter or printing machine and get a new ticket.

However, if you lose your ticket after boarding, it is assumed that you did not have a ticket at all. The SGR has outlined the following penalties for travelers who do not have their tickets:

i) If for any reason you are found without a ticket in the middle of a trip, you will pay the ticket amount and a penalty of 30 percent.

ii) If you are found without a ticket at the destination terminal, you will pay the whole ticket amount from the start and an extra amount equal to 30 percent of the ticket value as fine.

However, if you find your ticket after the penalty you can receive a refund on the mobile number you used to pay your fine.

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