challenges facing Embakasi south community

Unemployment is the major challenge facing Kenyans in major cities especially Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. Youth and the elderly are all affected in almost the same way.

Various Nairobi residences have been forced to look for different ways to survive. Nairobi Lifestyle conducted research within Embakasi South, a Constituency within Nairobi with a large population of youth to find out how the residents are surviving especially during this covid 19 pandemic season.

We found out that young people and those who lost their jobs due to the covid 19 pandemic have devised different ways to survive. Some have set up small-scale businesses to enable them to put food on the table.

We also noticed that some busy streets within Embakasi South have adopted immoral behaviors where idle ladies, call them sex workers, have decided to idle around and exchange sex for money with men.

Some ladies have set up small pubs in their houses where they’re selling illegal brews at cheaper prices as less as twenty shillings. Some even go ahead to steal from their customers after they’re under influence of the cheap liquor.

illicit brew embakasi
Cans used to measure illegal brew, commonly known as chang’aa and locally referred to as ngan’oo in Embakasi. The smallest one goes for 20 shillings, the one in the middle goes for 30 shillings and the biggest one 50 shillings.

We also noticed another calling behavior where various shops for offering live and virtual games such as Dafabet and Sahara games have been set up. This was after Sportpesa and Betin Kenya, some of the leading betting companies in Kenya had their operations suspended up by Kenyan Government.

Sportpesa shifted its full operations to Tanzania while Betin Kenya completely shut down its operations in Kenya. We noticed that Kenyan youth, including senior citizens, are also are visiting voting booths and most youths have become betting addicts.

Video: Watch below Kenyan youth place their bets in a betting booth in Eastlands

These betting shops are siphoning their money like hell, leaving them stressed up and depressed since they’re only after quick money. Some even decide to camp at these shops for fear of going home with empty pockets.


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