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20 things wives wish their husbands knew


Women from different settings require different things from their husbands and boyfriends. Recently I sat in a focus group where married Christian wives were talking about their wishes, and here is a list of what they desire from their husbands:

  1. Listen to her without judging
  2. Ensure there is romance before lovemaking
  3. Spend quality time with her
  4. Hold hands as you did during dating
  5. Take her out
  6. Be faithful and love only her
  7. Communicate your fears as well as your successes so she can manage her expectations
  8. Buy her more and appropriate gifts
  9.  Discover when she has done something right and compliment her
  10. Provide without being reminded
  11. Look after babies as if they are yours too
  12. Treat her as a wife, not a househelp
  13. Complain less
  14. Help with house chores
  15. Listen to her sixth sense
  16. Get mentors who can help you with marital issues
  17. Stop comparing her with other women
  18. Empower her financially so that in case of death she can continue providing for the family
  19. Think of consequences before making decisions
  20. Spend less time on the phone and avoid bringing the office to the house

Are you a married woman and what would you wish your husband did differently?

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