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What’s going to change post Covid-19?


Post-Covid 19, everything will be different

It is just about 100 years since the end of one of the most significant wars in modern history – World War One.

It became known as the Great War because it affected people all over the world and was the biggest war anyone had ever known.

On 11 November 1918, the guns fell silent and the war came to an end, but its impact was felt for many, many years after.

World War One changed the world in ways that nobody could have imagined. Here, we take a look at how.

Some of the most significant changes were;

New Technology

When war broke out, scientists and engineers worked felt stupid, they had to work hard to develop planes that were stronger, quicker, and capable of being used in battle. Expect a repeat of this. Post Covid-19, almost every corporate fellow has looked for a shortcut to the physical meeting he has been accustom to. in 2020, Zoom has had over 190% rise in share value!

Medical innovation

Wounds inflicted on soldiers were like nothing medical professionals had had to deal with before – not least in terms of the numbers of people injured and the size of wounds.

So the war meant that medicine had to catch up to be able to deal with these problems.
Post-2020, nations will wake up. We have seen in our lifetime, a superpower get overwhelmed by numbers and resort to makeshift hospital beds and ordering military installations to produce life necessities.

Financial hardship

War is incredibly expensive – and this war was no different. Just one day’s worth of bullets cost £3.8 million in September 1918 (BBC 1939).

We’ve all seen resources being re-appropriated to more ‘priority’ areas. Jack Ma, Bill Gates et al running like a headless chicken in aid of the world.

Before the war, Britain was in fact the world’s economic superpower, with significant levels of wealth and resources. This was put to shame.

Post-2020- who’s the new kid on the block?

Your guess is as good as mine!

Prepare for it; A new world order is coming.

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Sammy Mwathi is an entrepreneur and businessman operating in Kenya and Uganda. He has business interests in Fintech, Remittances, and Agribusiness. He is also a Rotarian and believes in service above self.


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