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Which charities can I give to in Nairobi?


Kenyans are generally known to be charitable people.

Last year, Charities Aid Foundation(CAF) ranked Kenya 11th most generous country globally, and the top in Africa.

This generosity has been evident during emergencies where Kenyans have shown solidarity with survivors of natural disasters by donating blood, food, money, clothing and even their time. Kenyans have also contributed money to fellow financially unstable Kenyans who were in need of money for rent, medical care and school fees for their children.

Below is an example:

However, the commercialisation of the begging sector and unethical practices by charity organisations have often prevented generous Kenyans from giving to people who deserve help.

We shall be compiling a list of verified initiatives, organisations and causes you can support and add to the list below:

#1. Cup of Uji initiative is an initiative by Francis Amonde, who feeds poor Primary School Children with a cup of porridge every day. You can support this initiative by sending your donation to the MPESA Paybill number 891300, Account number HOPE. He also accepts flour, utensils, and your time as a volunteer. Learn more about the initiative in the video below:


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