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Why Nairobi girls want only rich men


It is common knowledge that you cannot date a Nairobi girl if you do not have money. Others have said that there is no romance without finances, but in Nairobi, money is everything. A girl will first look at the car you are driving, the shoes you are wearing and the watch on your wrist before deciding to say hi. If you don’t have a car key dangling from your pocket or fist, you may not be able to get a hi back. But if you speak of money, you will not have enough hi’s and smiles from cute Nairobi women.

Many men have not been able or date Nairobi women because they do not have money. Others do not trust them and only use them for sex and never get to ask for their hand in marriage. Truth is, a girl looks fake if she only talks to you when you have money. It is not possible to believe that such a girl will be there with you through thick and thin, or even be patient enough to walk the life’s journey with you. Though it may seem unfair that Nairobi girls want only rich men, it is important to know why it is sometimes very wise for a woman to avoid a broke man and follow the money.

You will not eat love

Love is a good thing, but unfortunately, it cannot put food on the table. Even if you love with everything you have, you need money to survive. You must be able to feed your family and meet their needs financially. Everybody wants to live in a good house, not in a slum somewhere. They need good nutrition and good education for their children. And maintaining a youthful look costs money as well as love.

Broke guys cheat when they get money

During my undergraduate years, I realised that most male lecturers were not giving a break to female students. Though married, they would be sleeping with multiple girls in different years of study. Then I asked one of my classmates why almost all male lecturers were cheating. He said they cheat because they can afford it.

He was coming from a humble background and explained that given the money, he would also do the same. That there are many beautiful women he cannot afford while broke, but when he gets money that would be a priority-getting whoever he desired.

In one of his teachings, Dr. Myles Munroe teaches that there are three things that expose the character of a man; money, sex, and power. So, there you have it. The majority of men will show a very different side of themselves when exposed to money, women, and power.

Men who make lesser than their wives are insecure

Men claim not to be intimidated by a woman’s success, but the truth is that only a few can stand up to a more successful woman. More and more women are making more money than their husbands, and this tends to cause shame in the family. However, research has found that this financial gender imbalance increases the risk of divorce.

Whether a woman is more educated than the husband, older, or making more money, their marriage will often lean towards the south. The society has cases of men who left their wives because they were more successful, not to mention those who prevent them from interacting with anybody or even force their wives to quit because of insecurity.

Do you think Nairobi women should stop looking at the depth of a man’s pockets before dating? Share your thoughts below.

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