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Why quarry workers will not be able to vote


Many Youths working in quarries within Bahati constituency in Nakuru County might not be able to participate in the forthcoming general election.
Speaking to journalists, the youths said most of them have not acquired national identification cards because their fingerprints have been destroyed, while the few that have the ID cards are too busy to register as voters.
The youths said that they are paid according to their output, and therefore leaving work to register as voters will affect their wages.
They said that that although they desire to register and participate in the August general election, they need to provide for their families and thus have to spend more time working in order to earn a meaningful pay.
A spot check revealed that one person earns KES 4 for every foot of extracted block from the quarry.
They called on the IEBC and National registration bureau officials to consider visiting their work stations so they can get a chance to register.
Last year about 200 youths who were working in the quarries were issued with identification cards after the media highlighted the matter.
The youth’s concerns come in the wake of low turnout for the voter registration exercise which commenced on Monday this week.

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