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Why you should marry an intelligent woman


“The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life – but what he should do – is marry an intelligent woman. There is no better buffer than intelligence.”
These are the words of Professor Lawrence Whaley, emeritus professor of mental health in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, during a talk called ‘Dementia: How Can We Protect Ourselves at the Oxford Literary Festival.’
A series of studies have found that intellectual stimulation that keeps the brain active can help to stave off the symptoms of dementia. In the past, research has shown the benefits of activities like doing puzzles, crosswords, reading and visiting museums that challenge the brain and keep it active.
Professor Whaley brought a new twist to the matter by suggesting that having a partner who provides interesting and challenging conversation could also help prevent Alzheimer’s. This is understandable since we spend more time with our partner and they have a great influence on our emotions and intellectual stimulation or lack of it.
The scientists at the convention also claimed that people who are generally highly intelligent and in high power jobs with a lot of money in the bank may have physical signs of the disease showing up on their brain scans but are unlikely to develop any symptoms.
Other factors that can cause the disease is the death of a family member when you are a child. This can increase your chance of developing the disease 80 years on. Professor Whaley explained to the audience that studies have shown that the death of a mother before the age of five is a very important risk factor for dementia in later life.
There you have it, the two women in your life, your mother and wife are very important in your life and can help you avoid the disease.

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