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Why you should stop hiring friends


Stop buying products or services SIMPLY because they are being sold by friends, relatives, or close associates and not for the VALUE the product offers.

I buried that feeling of indebtedness in 2017. Call me heartless. Call me mean. I’ll be good.

Look here, sometimes you don’t need a product or its not even a priority, but you go ahead and commit funds to it to promote a brother or a sister. More of buying an item you don’t need but you want to be there for the seller!

It was my biggest headache up to 2017. A big stress factor. From legal services, Audit, Tax, IT services to Marketing. Why?

Just because we do lunch together, don’t think if you give me sloppy services I will understand. Because “You are my guy”, “Man we have come from far.” “You are my OB/OG, You are my homie”.

These terms have been used to screw me. Am done. Yet on the other hand I engage new people because I just want the job done properly. They don’t know me. I don’t know them. But they do their work and go. They even exceeded my expectations.

…. And this is two way.

I know a big number of people who give me business maybe for the above-mentioned reasons. Just as I demand top class service, so should I offer it in return.

Call me out for my failures. If I can’t meet the promise I don’t deserve that penny. Let me not be a stress factor be to you.

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Sammy Mwathi is an entrepreneur and businessman operating in Kenya and Uganda. He has business interests in Fintech, Remittances, and Agribusiness. He is also a Rotarian and believes in service above self.


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