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Women pay male escorts arm and leg to win a date


Male escorts increasing as dating trends change

Women empowerment has done well to keep women busy in the offices, and the rising cost of living has kept men away for longer. More people are spending the day working and the evening studying in order to build their careers and earn a competitive edge in the market. Balancing life in such times has become difficult, with more families hiring house helps to raise the children and manage domestic affairs. Some people have even bid goodbye to dating, with studies indicating that over 50 percent of single women feel they are too busy to date. This has caused an imbalance that has led to peculiar trends.

Women happy to play the one-night stand?

Men have started picking girls in the bar and women are not afraid of playing the one-night-stand #NairobiNightlife #NairobiDating Click To Tweet

The average man in Nairobi has slept with 35 women without paying for the sex. The average woman has slept with 15 men, with more women starting relationships at the bar compared to men.

Some men have taken it upon themselves to help bridge this gap by offering companionship for pay.

Following this trend, the number of #maleescorts has been soaring with 105,000 men advertising their services online at the close of 2017. Click To Tweet

In Kenya, there are over 30 online male escorts most of whom have listed their profiles on Exotic Kenya. According to data, most male escorts cater to female clients and couples.

Mexico, Brazil, Spain, USA and UK are the countries with the highest number of male escorts globally. In Africa, male escorts are reaping a windfall especially in South Africa and Uganda. With Kenya coming third in the internet penetration rates in Africa, it is not hard to explain why online male escort business is becoming a favourite niche for many.

Former Exotic Kenya male escort speaks out

Nick*, a former Exotic Kenya male escort, says that the need for companionship is real.

“Every female client I met just wanted someone to take them out, hold their hand and sometimes kiss. Most clients desperately wanted sex and were ready to pay for all services,” reveals Nick.

According to Exotic Kenya CEO, most of the male escorts receive about 20 calls a week leading to 2-5 conversions.

“Male escorts charge a premium because of the effort they put in. As a result, they do not need many clients. One is usually enough depending on the escort’s negotiation power,” he explains.

Male escorts are busy on Fridays and weekends. The least a male escort can make in one session is KES 5,000 depending on the services offered.

To successfully attract sugar mummies and rich women, the men have to work out to tone their muscles, eat well to remain healthy, and travel widely to discover great meetup venues.

“I quit because clients complained about my physique. No matter how hard I worked out, that six-pack kept evading me. With one-pack, I could only attract women with cheap offers while my athletic friends were busy travelling around the world and enjoying the perks that money bring,” Nick narrates.


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