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Women should pee while standing


Women should pee while standing

Find out the city girl’s guide to healthy peeing

There is a healthy way to pee, and it is not the way your mamma taught you. Neither is it the way your pre-school teacher taught you. No, women should never squat to pee!

The average city girl has been diagnosed with a funny infection that according to the doctor, came from the loo. Chances are high that you share a toilet with several strangers every once in a while – in the office, at the public loo, church e.t.c. If you don’t, your house/roommates probably do. And that’s reason enough to take precaution.

Germs that warm the toilet seat

Of course, there are lots bacteria on the toilet seat. But women need to beware of pathogens that hide under the toilet seat. All toilet bacteria hide under the seat. When a woman sits down to pee, the urine comes out at an angle, hitting the trap and splashing all those germs to the delicate lady parts. That is how women end up contracting UTIs.

According to WebMed, these are the common pathogens that hide in the toilet:

  1. Gastrointestinal viruses that cause stomach problems.
  2. Enteric pathogens, including E. coli, salmonella, campylobacter and shigella.
  3. Skin and respiratory organisms including the antibiotic resistant MRSA strain, and “flesh-eating” bacteria.

Healthy use of a toilet

1. Pee while standing

Women who squat are prone to contracting incessant UTIs. The best way to avoid contracting such infections from the toilet is by peeing while standing.

While there are gadgets designed to make peeing easier for women, it is possible to do it without them.

Follow this link to learn how to pee while standing.

2. Clean your toilet thoroughly

Your home toilet can also give you an infection. Cleaning with a brush might not kill all germs. First, it is recommended that you use a bleach to clean the toilet bowl. In addition, take a hand brush and use it to scrub all the hidden parts of the toilet seat, then flush.

Insert toilet blocks inside your cistern so it can help disinfect the toilet with every flush. Learn also to close the lid while flushing.


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