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You are in competition with no one


A long time ago, I used to think that life is about competition. But with time, I have come to realize that life is the only race you compete against yourself. Everybody has got their path and their mission. Your destiny is not mine, and so your struggle to be like someone else is in futility.

Competition breeds envy, malice, hate and even murder. Come to think of guys who kill their girlfriends the moment they announce a breakup. Most of the time, it is because he cannot stand to see the girl with another man. He thinks; ‘If she can’t be with me, I won’t let her to be with any other man.’

I have seen high profile women fall because of constant infighting by people who envy their positions. I am convinced that the reason house helps sleep with their employers’ husbands is because they want to feel equal.

Going back to the beginning, Cain killed Abel because of destructive competition. He wanted God to accept his sacrifice just the same way He did Abel’s.

Don’t go for a hair style because another lady looks nice on it. Don’t enroll for higher education because you want to be equal with another person. Don’t envy the other person because they seem to be always lucky in life; you cannot handle their struggles!

Someone once said, don’t compete against someone else because they might die or move. So as you go about life, remember that everyone has got their own course. Stick to your path and run your race because only you can complete it. Don’t leave your track for your friend’s, spouse’s, colleague’s or relative’s. It will only leave you frustrated.

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