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Black Friday linked to slave trade?


There are theories that link black Friday shopping bonanza to slave trade.

According to sources, back in the 1800s plantation owners would buy black slaves on the day after Thanksgiving at a discount.

But this theory has been dismissed as it is alleged that Black Friday was developed in 1951, long after slave trade was abolished in the US.

So, how did Black Friday start?

Black Friday, which falls on the last Friday of November and immediately after Thanksgiving is said to have been developed from the experience Philadelphia police had controlling crowds that milled the streets on this day.

The day, which is yet to be accepted as a holiday in most states,  attracted large crowds from the suburbs who rushed to malls to start shopping for Christmas.

Because of the crowds and the accompanying traffic jams, no police officer was allowed to go on leave that day.

Retailers, on the other hand, recorded huge profits during this season. The profits were usually recorded in black in. After campaigns to rebrand the day from Black Friday to Big Friday failed, retailers took it over and today it is marked by huge discounts to shoppers and profits for retailers.

Somehow, this has helped remove the negative connotations linked to the day.




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