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How to use the SGR during covid 19 pandemic


Is it possible to use the SGR during COVID-19? What will happen to our tickets now? Can I still book a ticket online? What will be the cancellation procedure post-covid-19? How are we going to practice social distancing while using the SGR? Will the ticket price change? These are some of the questions the SGR users are asking, and this article will try as much as possible to answer them.

How to get to Syokimau SGR terminal from Nairobi town

Initially, commuters leaving Nairobi would use City Shuttle buses to access the Syokimau station. While there are still plenty of matatus plying between Nairobi Railways station and Syokimau, the government will now avail a train to ferry commuters every morning at 6.35am.

The morning train will be leaving Nairobi at 8.00am, while the afternoon train leaves Mombasa at 1.25pm.

All passengers will go through screening and anybody found to be having symptoms of coronavirus isolated. The corporation has also enforced measures to ensure that everyone observes social distancing and minimises contact.

Only 600 passengers will travel using the SGR per trip. There will be an empty coach for any passenger who develops coronavirus-related symptoms in transit.

SGR Booking process

Travelers can book at the station or online. See a guideline on how to book the SGR online. However, on the day of travel, an officer will print the ticket for you in order to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

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SGR ticket cancellation during COVID-19

The Kenya Railways corporation encourages passengers to reschedule their travel instead of canceling bookings during the COVID 19 season. Cash transactions are also highly discouraged during this time.

SGR ticket price during COVID 19

KRC has not announced changes in ticket prices. Currently, an economy class ticket goes for KES 1,000 while a Business class ticket goes for KES 3,000. According to reports, the SGR requires KES 1.5 billion to meet monthly operational costs. With a maximum of only 600 passengers per trip, it is possible the ticket prices will go up.

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